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The Flag

1.990 ISK

Representing Iceland since before independence in 1944. Blue stands for the Atlantic Ocean that surrounds our breathtaking island, red stands for the fire of the volcanoes and white for our...

World Cup Tólfan

3.490 ISK

Get these 2 products in one bundle and get ready for World Cup. Yes, Iceland is going to the World Cup for the first time. We are ready and so...

Icelandic Collection

4.690 ISK

Get these 3 pairs in a bundle and get a cut off price. The wonders of Iceland will surround you in your life and maybe your Icelandic will get better....

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Love Charm

1.990 ISK

Looking for love? Being one of the most powerful emotions, one must tread carefully whilst wearing these socks, as others may battle for your affection. Love yourself and be proud...

The Seal of Salomon

1.990 ISK

Struggling with temptation? Wearing the Seal of Salomon keeps enemies at bay and fights off any unwanted food and drink temptation. This symbol is a guardian like the Helm of...

The Helm of Awe

1.990 ISK

As the most powerful magical symbol, the Helm of Awe provides protection against enemies, evil spirits and smell.  It soothes mind and soul, inducing love and friendship.  Having a rough...

The Hammer of Thor

1.990 ISK

The mighty Hammer of Thor is one of the most powerful magical symbols. Use it for your protection and success in life. Caution when wearing these and believe in the...

The Symbol of Prayer

1.990 ISK

Want your wishes and ambitions in life to come true? Then carve this symbol on your hand or simply unfold these socks, click your heels together and let your future...

The Symbol of Magic

1.990 ISK

As the oldest of the magical symbols, the Symbol of Magic blast energy in every directions. It seeks to maintain stability in companionship, friendship and love. Wear these socks and...

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